Welcome to The Rose Counseling

As we go through life we will experience happiness, growth, and accomplishments, but we will also face adversity, sorrows, and difficulties. At certain points in our lives, we all need support to cope with stress, health conditions, relationship, or traumatic events; therapy and parent coordination services can help. The Rose Counseling is a private practice owned by a licensed clinical social worker, Rosa C. Ramirez.

  • Evening appointments available for your convenience.
  • Psychotherapy-counseling services to individuals (adults and seniors), couples, and family.
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services for individuals and corporations.
  • Court Appointed Parenting Coordinator for the 13th  Judicial Circuit – Tampa Bay area.

As a therapist, being eclectic by nature, Rosa can provide you the help you need. She also follows an integrative cognitive behavioral, solution focused, strength based approach. Rosa is fully bilingual in English and Spanish. Being bi-cultural gives her the opportunity to provide culturally sensitive services.

The Rose represents wellness, life and beauty, while the thorns represent the pain and challenges we encounter at different points of our lives. Call us to help you enjoy the beauty of life.


Counseling or Psychotherapy provides individuals and families the opportunity to talk with someone who listens and is supportive. Professional psychotherapist/counselors use…

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It is an integral part of therapy; what is discussed in the session cannot be disclosed with anyone else. Therapists respect the privacy of their clients and they keep things they are told confidential…

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About Rosa

Rosa’s professional experience as a licensed clinical social worker spans over 25 years working with individuals (children, teens, adults and seniors), couples and families. She obtained…

Court-Parenting Coordination

Is not PSYCHOTHERAPY OR COUNSELING. This court mandated service provides a child- focused alternative dispute resolution process whereby a parenting coordinator…

Counseling Helps

Therapy, also known as counseling is not just for mental health conditions. A therapist will talk with you about your feelings, thoughts, relationships, and important values. The first therapy sessions are used to develop the therapist-client relationship, discussing what you would like to work on and setting goals that you would like to achieve. The therapist will work with you to develop new skills, think about your situation in a new way, see options and alternatives for problem solving, or ways to feel better emotionally. The goal of therapy is to help you develop better relationships, new coping skills, better ways to express your feelings, building confidence and self-esteem. It is important to feel comfortable with your therapist so you can talk openly about your situation.